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Terms of Service

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    The University of Tokyo's Alumni Website "TFT" Terms of Service

    Article 1 (Scope)
    1. This Terms of Service ("terms") apply to the use of The University of Tokyo Online Community "TFT" and other associated Internet services (hereinafter, "TFT"), provided by the University of Tokyo (hereinafter, "the University").
    2. By using TFT, the user agrees to and accepts all the terms contained herein.
    3. Notifications prescribed to the user by the University will be regarded as part of these terms.

    Article 2 (Amendments)
    1. The terms may be amended at the discretion of the University without prior notice.
    By continuing to use TFT, the user agrees to the amended terms.
    2. The amended terms are effective as of their publication on the TFT website, unless noted otherwise by the University.

    Article 3 (Notifications from the University)
    1. The University will notify users as necessary via the TFT website, E-mail, or other means deemed appropriate.
    2. The aforementioned notifications, when posted on the TFT website or sent via E-mail, will become effective as of their publication or transmission.

    Article 4 (Use of TFT)
    1. The University does not guarantee the reliability of information transmitted via TFT. All information should be judged and used under the sole responsibility of the user.
    2. The University takes no responsibility for the results of downloading software obtained via search results and other sources on TFT. It will be the sole responsibility of the users for the results.
    3. In principle, the University will not involve itself in or take responsibility for communications and activities that take place on TFT. It will be the sole responsibility of the parties involved to resolve any dispute that may arise between users.
    4. Users are held responsible for their actions on TFT. Posting of contents that violate copyright or other legal rights may be charged with civil and criminal liabilities. The user is responsible for ensuring that information he or she posts on TFT conforms with copyrights, portrait rights, other legal obligations, and restrictions on storage and duplication of data.

    Article 5 (Intellectual Property Rights)
    The user agrees to and accepts that information (including videos, audio, texts, photographs, and software) provided on TFT by the University is protected by copyrights, trademarks, patents, and/or other laws pertaining to intellectual property rights.

    Article 6 (Prohibitions)
    1. The following acts are prohibited in using TFT.
    (1) Promoting or encouraging illegal or unlawful activity.
    (2) Offending public order and morals.
    (3) Taking actions that may be detrimental to other users, third parties, or the University.
    (4) Taking other actions deemed inappropriate by the University.
    2. The University reserves the right to edit or delete postings, terminate user accounts, or take other procedures necessary, without notice, if a violation of the aforementioned prohibitions is witnessed.
    3. All notifications concerning the violation of terms will be sent to the registered e-mail address. The University will take that the e-mail has been delivered, regardless of whether or not the e-mail has actually been opened, read and understood because of the user's reasons.
    4. The University will not accept inquiries and complaints regarding measures taken against the violation of these terms.

    *The following behaviors in particular are strictly prohibited.
    - Placing a burden on the TFT servers, or interfering with or disrupting the access or the operation by other users.
    - Interfering with or disrupting the operation of the network systems of TFT.
    - Libeling, damaging the credibility, or violating the privacy, publicity, copyright, or other rights of another person.
    - Defaming, threatening, harassing or otherwise financially or mentally damaging another person.
    - Posting articles that are associated with discrimination by ethnicity, race, gender, age, or any other status.
    - Campaigning before and during an election and the like, or violating the Public Office Election Act.
    - Uploading or sending by using the message function contents such as profile, spam mail, chain mail, and other contents intended for soliciting including affiliate links on TFT for the purpose of commercial advertisement.
    - Impersonating any person or entity, misrepresenting your affiliation, pretending to have the authority to represent another person or institution or pretending to be associated with or in cooperation with any person or institute either intentionally or by misconception.
    - Duplicating, uploading, posting, transmitting, or distributing any description of TFT services without permission.
    - Sharing your account with another individual.

    Article 7 (Interruption of Service)
    1. The University reserves the right to interrupt TFT services with or without cause at any time.
    2. The University will make no compensation for any losses or damages resulting to the users from the interruption.

    Article 8 (Termination of Service)
    1. The University reserves the right to terminate the provision of TFT services, in whole or part, with due notice.
    2. The termination notice in the previous Section will be made on the TFT website, as well as via e-mail to the subscribers of the TFT e-mail service and will become effective as described in Article 3.
    3. The University makes no compensation for losses or damages resulting to the users from the termination if due notice is given as described in Section 1.

    Article 9 (Protection of Personal Information)
    1. The University will not disclose to third parties the user's registration information without first obtaining the user's consent except in the following cases:
    (1) To fulfill legal requests made by the court, police, or other judicial or administrative bodies or the like.
    (2) To prevent issues in maintaining TFT or its system.
    (3) When the user is determined to be in violation of laws, regulations, University's terms, or social conventions.
    (4) When deemed necessary to protect the rights and interests of the University, other users, or third parties.
    2. The University will abide by its Privacy Policy that is provided separately and protect all personal information according to the relevant regulations.

    Article 10 (Disclaimers)
    1. By violating any law, regulation, or these terms, the user disclaims all rights, claims, legal actions, cases, and proceedings against the University.
    2. The University assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage a user may cause to another user or a third party by the use of TFT.
    3. The University provides no warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the completeness, correctness, accuracy, usefulness, or otherwise of the contents on TFT.
    4. The University provides no guarantee for compatibility with devices and software used by the user.
    5. The user is solely responsible for the costs incurred with the telecommunications carrier in connecting to and accessing TFT.

    Article 11 (Claim for Damages)
    The University may claim damage (including attorneys' fees) against a user for any loss or damage that results from the use of TFT in violation of laws, regulations, or these terms.

    Article 12 Judicial proceedings
    This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
    In addition, all disputes between users and the University shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.

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